Caribbean Sol’s Natural Dog Shampoo

Do you think you have a sensitive nose? Are there smells that you don’t really like? DID YOU KNOW that Dogs have over 200 MILLION scent receptors? Humans, like us, have about 5 million! With such sensitive noses, Dogs can detect smells that they really don’t like, such as synthetics which are included as ingredients in a lot of poplar Pet Shampoo’s.

Bow wow WOW

Did You KNOW?  Your dog’s skin/scalp has the tender sensitivity of a 1 to 5 year old child’s hair/scalp, their ENTIRE LIFE?!  It is true.  Thus, your Best Friend is not a fan of ‘Bath Time’ due to the chemicals found in most Pet Shampoos.  They sting their tender scalp intensely.  Most dogs love to jump in the pool, lake, or ocean but Bath Time is not their favorite time.  We poured our shampoo into a water bowl and poured a popular dog shampoo, with chemicals, into a separate bowl.  We put the popular shampoo down first for 5 dogs to ‘test’.  Once they sniffed the bowl of shampoo, they stepped back.  We put our Bow Wow WOW bowl down and each dog wanted to lick/drink the shampoo!  We love dogs—and we know you do too…


Our Best Friends

At Caribbean Sol, we not only think about the best products for our skin as Humans, we also think about about furry best friends. Dogs love water, so why should they hate bath time? We have formulated shampoos that will help soothe and condition their skin. Lets make bath time for our furry friends wonderful and soothing. We have formulated 4 different scents, each are very unique with its own distinct scent and feel. Try each one, to find out which scent fits your furry frend!

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