100% Natural Oils

Natural Enhancers

We offer another very unique line of products, this line being our Natural Oils, or in other words our tanning oils. We say unique because everyone of them have their own "story". If its our Jade oil which is made from Sunflower oil or our Brassia oil which is made from the Brassia Orchid in Hawaii. Our oils will penetrate many layers of tissue instead of just sitting on the top layer. This will help keep all layers hydrated, and give you the natural tan you strive for in the summer. Our oils also have natural healing capabilities. Our Golden Opal Dry Oil which uses Apricot Oil, Beta Carotene and Carrot Oil extract has been proven to be effective and relieve sufferers with psoriasis and other dry skin disorders. Also our Onyx OIl has been known to help heal scars and wounds due to the Squalene and Rose Hips Oil. 


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