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Did You Know…

That certain Ingredients in most Sunscreen and Skin Care products today are actually harmful to our Marine Eco-System? If it is harmful to our Marine life what is it doing to our own Skin? These ingredients are Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.

News Flash!

Hawaii has proposed a legislation that bans the sell and use of the ingredient oxybenzone in all products. This is because Oxybenzone has been scientifically proven to be harmful to the Coral Reef Systems.  

100% Natural, No Tears, No Parabens, No Fragrances, and Broad Spectrum Protection. Your Kids will Love Applying Sunscreen!
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Sol Guard
The most Unique line of Natural Sunscreen on the market today!
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Kukui Body Silk
an everyday moisturizer with age fighting ingredients. Made with 100% Kukui Pod Oil, Squalene Oil (From Olives), and Rose hips oil. Your Skin will never look healthier!
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Sun Exposure

Although the Sun's Rays shine all day, the UV Rays are strongest between 10 A.M.-2 P.M. during the day.


The UVA & UVB Rays are strongest in the Summer, but dont let that fool you, you are still Exposed to UV rays in the Winter! Stay Protected!
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Cloud Coverage

Did you know, 85% of the Sun's Rays still penetrate the clouds? Be sure to apply Sunscreen every day, despite the weather forecast.

Types of Surface

85% of the Sun's Rays reflect off surfaces like, Sand, Concrete, Water, and Snow!
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SPF (Sun Protection Factor), is the products guide to its level of Sun Exposure. Apply Sunscreen every hour when in the Sun!


If you are fair skinned, or have light hair and light colored eyes. you are more likely to experience a sunburn when exposed to UV Rays. We recommend Sol Guard SPF 30.
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Help Keep Our Marine Life Safe!

Help us do our part, By doing your part! Use Our 100% Natural and Biodegradable Sunscreen when enjoying the wonders of the Oceans!

We can all agree, there is nothing better than a day in the Sun with your Family! Whether it be on the Beach, in the Theme Parks, or even in your own Back Yard! But remember, when enjoying the Sun and your Family, be sure to stay protected ¬†from the harmful UV Rays. Family Owned and Operated Caribbean Sol has you and your Family in mind with our 100% Natural, Sol Kid Kare, and Sol Guard line up. Enjoy the Sun, and rest easy knowing your Family is protected, and as always, “Look Good Naturally!”

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