Get that ‘sun kissed’ look with all-natural self tanner

Get that ‘sun kissed’ look with all-natural self tanner


We all like the look of our skin when it has that ‘Sun Kissed’ look, right?  Until recently, most self-tanning products gave you an orange look that is hardly what you look like after a nice day in the Sun.  The dyes used in most self-tanning products are chemical based and stain your skin, AND your clothes.

Caribbean Sol’s Beach Colours Self Tanner uses only natural ingredients, designed to gradually tone your skin the shades it turns when exposed to the Sun’s rays, Naturally, and keep the skin hydrated so it does not dry out.  The ingredient, that gives the skin its color, is Natural DHA, a Vegetable substrate derived from corn.  The human tissue has over 100,000 dead skin cells every day.  The DHA is attracted to your dead skin cells and basically ‘shades’ them the same color as your own melanin tones your skin when exposed to UV rays.  Therefore, your skin tone is similar to when it has been exposed to the Sun.  The DHA is surrounded by natural moisturizers, Organic Aloe, Shea Butter, Cucumber extract, and other natural hydrators o keep the skin moist and hydrated.

We suggest you apply Beach Colours for 2 days on the areas you wish to give the ‘Sun Kissed’ look.  Wait 2 days to see the amount of color your skin turned.  If it is what you like, use that method going forward.  If you wish to have more color, simply apply extra days, while remembering to not apply for the same amount of days as you applied.  This method helps keep your skin the same, consistent shade.

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