Kurit: All-natural bug bite relief

Kurit: All-natural bug bite relief


Have you ever been enjoying your time soaking up the earth’s most beautiful pass times and all of a sudden are burdened with being bit, stung, scraped, or pricked?! Yeah, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Here at Caribbean Sol, we are always encouraging our followers and customers to get outside and enjoy nature’s wonders. However, we know that sometimes enjoying the great outdoors opens our skin up to being preyed on by Nature’s living creatures. To provide all-natural bug bite relief, we recently came out with a product to heal your skin, naturally, whenever these instances occur.  

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Introducing our new and exciting product, Kurit.  Not only does Kurit provide all-natural bug bite relief, but the Kurit formula is a combination of all natural, biodegradable ingredients that relieve and heal various types of bug and mosquito bites, jelly fish stings, coral scrapes, thorn scrapes and more.  The main ingredients in Kurit are Organic Aloe Vera, Walnut Shell, and Calendula Oil.  The Walnut shell pieces exfoliate the irritated area which allows the Organic Aloe and the Calendula Oil to penetrate and relieve the irritation and speed up the healing process.  Organic Aloe is known as a Natural healer and anti-inflammatory.  Calendula Oil, derived from the Marigold flower, has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities.  Calendula Oil also is known for its soothing of eczema and relief of diaper rash, along with its healing and soothing of wounds qualities.  To use, generously apply Kurit on the wound/bite or area of irritation. Continue treating the area daily until healed. Keep Kurit in the refrigerator for enhanced soothing.


The thinking behind this product is genius. Kurit is a product you must have on hand at all times to ensure all-natural bug bite relief. You never know when you will need it, and it is best to have it on hand for those beach trips, nature walks, hikes, landscaping days, etc. Ditch the chemical infused ointments and healers and rely on Kurit.

Life is about enjoying Nature’s beauty, not being afraid of it. Live life, naturally. Live your life with Caribbean Sol by your side!

Let us know if you’ve tried it in the comment section and what you think! We’d love to hear from you!