Wall Street Journal reports on FDA investigation into chemical sunscreen risk

Wall Street Journal reports on FDA investigation into chemical sunscreen risk


The Wall Street Journal recently provided an update on the FDA investigation into the potential harm of chemicals found in common sunscreen products.

Noting the FDA study published in January, six common ingredients were studied specifically: avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate and octinoxate.

In the FDA’s clinical trial of those ingredients, 48 healthy participants were randomly assigned to use one of four sunscreen products. The formulations included lotions and several kinds of spray.

Participants applied the sunscreens to 75% of their bodies once on the first day and four times on days two through four, the final day of application. The researchers collected 34 four blood samples over 21 days from each participant.

Concentrations of the active ingredients increased after each day of application, suggesting they had accumulated within the bloodstream. All of the ingredients remained above the FDA safety threshold on day seven, and two of the ingredients, homosalate and oxybenzone, remained above the threshold on day 21.

The FDA was expected to require the industry to complete additional testing of the ingredients in question, but a recent coronavirus relief bill that was signed into law has delayed some of these actions (the Cares Act had regulation changes to over-the-counter products as well as sunscreen products).

However, the Cares Act also indicates that the FDA will be required to provide further guidance on sunscreen products by September 27, 2021.

Regardless of what government agencies are saying, more and more consumers are becoming informed about the potential risks of chemical-based sunscreen products.

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