Natural Enhancers

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Caribbean & Hawaiian Sol natural enhancers are made with some of the most exotic botanical extracts that naturally rejuvenate, moisturize, and darken the skin when exposed to sunlight. These oils are multi-purpose and can be used out of the sun as massage oils, bath oils, for hair bonding, anti-aging, and scar prevention and healing. Paired with our natural sunscreens, these oils will give the perfect glow that won’t dry or irritate the user’s skin. Tanning in the sun can be safe and effective when using the right products. 

Beach Coulours Natural Self Tanner was created to be the perfect “off-season” tanning solution. It quickly became a year-round best seller with its natural DHA that produces a unique and subtle tan to each user. This fragrance-free, natural self-tanner brings out the natural melanin in each individuals skin, bringing out the same glow they would receive had they spent a few hours in the sun.

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